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Jenniemilia Demus, 37, is a professional therapist, wellbeing coach, and a yoga teacher. She found a growing interest for the human body, mind and spirit at an early age. Her parents, body therapists and yoga teachers, inspired her to be a true seeker in life. It was through Jenniemilia´s global travels that she discovered the most spectacular wonders can be found not ourside, but within oneself. This insight took Jenniemilia on a journey of a lifetime. She has been educating herself in diffrent fields of body focused therapies such as mindfullness, breathing therapy and cognitive psychotherapy. During the past 8 years she has been sharing her passion with other by coaching and counselling groups and individuals. A passionate yoga student for more than 15 years, Jenniemilia now also runs a succesfull yoga studio together with her parents in Helsinki, Finland. Her guide book, titled 30 Steps to Inner Power, was publisher in Finland in May 2014.



Everyday life is often full of stress and hurry. The more we achieve the more valued and meaningfull we sought to feel. Instead of slowing down, we rush straight forward. While doing that we forget our own needs and hopes and loose our valuable resourses. In the middle of it all we start to wonder why nothing is enough and why we don´t know ourselves anymore. We are lost in our own lives – connection to our body and our inner power is long gone.

This website is an invitation to the source of your deepest self. In the near future you will be offered many tools and services to help your journey of self knowledge also in English. You can take part in an online group coaching or get motivated through private online counselling. Maybe you want to listen to one of the meditation audios or lectured offered by Jenniemilia. Whatever tools you choose our aim is to build up a lifelong partnership of love and inspiration with yourself.

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